5 Amazing Tools a Plumber Might Use in Your Home

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One of the top reasons to call a plumbing company out to your home as opposed to trying to do repairs on your own is because of all of the tools they will have with them. Vans are fully-equipped with tools and some of the latest technology. It makes it easier to diagnose problems and make fast, effective repairs.

1: Pipe Cutter
Pipes come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Most are made from extremely durable PVC. This makes it difficult for them to be cut. Your average handsaw isn’t going to be effective. However, plumbing companies have various types of pipe cutters. This makes it easy to get the job done so that a repair can be handled quickly.

2: Sump Pump
A sump pump is commonly used to remove a large amount of accumulated water. Whether you have experience basement flooding or a flood of water in some other area of your home, this pump can help to clear out the water quickly. It’s a much better option than trying to use buckets or towels.

Plumbers will often have state of the art pumps that are designed to pump out several gallons of water per minute.

3: Pipe Thawer
It’s not uncommon for pipes to freeze, especially in the winter. When the pipes freeze, it’s helpful to use a pipe thawer. This is a fast, effective way to thaw the pipes so that they won’t become brittle and break in the process. Once the pipes are thawed, it’s then possible to cut them or work on them however it is necessary based on what’s going on.

This is not a tool that you would likely think to keep in your toolbox. However, many plumbing companies have them because of how helpful they are in colder situations.

4: Leak Detection Equipment
If you have noticed your water bill going up, you might have a leak. Even though you haven’t seen water pooling anywhere, it might be behind the scenes. A plumber can use leak detection equipment to find out if there is water behind walls, under the flooring, and in other areas. It makes it easier to diagnose a problem and get a leak under control before it has the chance to damage your home more than it already has.

5: Camera
Microscopic cameras can be used to perform inspections in pipes and drains. It allows the plumber to learn more about what is going on to make a diagnosis and establish the best solution. You can see the condition of the pipes and what might be the culprit of a clog.

In many instances, the camera will provide a live feed of what is going on. This can then be recorded and given to you so that you have a record of it for the future.

Calling a plumber really can be the best way to get a problem fixed. They have more equipment than you have access to. This combined with their experience will make it easier to rely on their repairs.

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