5 Situations That Require the Expertise of a Plumber

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There are times when taking care of repairs around the house is fine. The trick is to know when a project can be done with ease and when it requires the expertise of a professional. That’s certainly true when it comes to residential plumbing. Here are five situations that call for the skills that only a professional plumber can bring to the table.

1. Water Running Somewhere

You can hear water running but none of the taps are open. A quick check of the water heater shows that the running water is not due to a tank or fitting issue. The reality is that you have no idea where that sound is originating or what should be done about it.

A professional plumber can locate the source of the running water and determine what needs to be done. In some cases, it will be relatively simple to get to a pipe or other part of the system that is causing the problem. At other times, it will take time, patience, and a lot of effort to make things right. When the latter is the case, you definitely need the help of a professional.

2. Water Heater Issues

Water heaters can last for years and then develop serious problems. You may notice puddles of water around the base or that the water does not seem to heat properly any longer. Whatever the issue, a plumber can examine the heater and provide suggestions on what to do next.

In the best-case scenario, the heater will need nothing more than a part replaced or some similar minor repair. At other times, the cost of repairing the older heater will come close to the expense of buying and installing a new one. A plumbing professional will help you understand the cost involved with each option and point out the pros and cons associated with each approach. That makes it easier for you to decide which solution will be the best for you in the long run.

3. A Flooding Basement

Nothing is quite as disconcerting as opening the basement door and noticing that the space is filled with water. What’s caused this to happen? Is it the water heater? Has a pipe started to leak? Whatever the reason, you need help fast.

It’s not unusual for a plumber to offer emergency services. Along with knowing how to shut off the water supply to the home, the professional has the equipment to drain the basement. Once the water is out of the way, it will be easier to locate the problem and tell you what it will take to make things right.

4. Adding a Bathroom

Adding another bathroom involves more than working with a contractor. You’ll also need a plumber who can determine what type of pipes are in compliance with local codes and how to go about connecting them to the home’s existing system. Doing so ensures that there is not a sudden decrease in water pressure that adversely affects the use of water in other areas of the house.

5. Getting the Home Ready for Sale

One of the things you want to do before placing the property on the market is have the plumbing inspected by a professional. The goal is to determine if anything needs to be repaired now or if the plumbing is in reasonably good shape. A written evaluation along with documents proving you had any issues resolved will be a strong selling point the real estate agent can use.

Remember that a plumber has the experience, the equipment, and the skills to handle just about any type of plumbing issue. Instead of trying to deal with a problem on your own, call a professional. You’ll be glad that you did.

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